I’m not totally against the idea of white rappers, but when they are gay white men who obviously have no clue what they are doing, I find them highly suspect. Case and point: a rapper most of y’all have likely never heard of “The Illuminate Princess”. I went to high school with this person. They are not hood. There is nothing hood about Smyrna, TN. It’s like some people think “If I watch/listen enough Nikki Minaj videos/music I can do this, no doubt!”

Much doubt. Your lyrics are wack, son. That shit need to be peer-reviewed.

Also, what’s up with the rebel flag as a dress? Is that shit suppose to be “edgy” and “artistic.” Are you like just like Brad Paisley, an accidental racist, who is just a Skynyrd fan? A Sharon Needles fan? Jeffery Star fan? These are the questions I need answers to, because this type of company is telling.