This gem came to our attention earlier today. The poster is the president of a university queer organization that claims to be one of the most “diverse” on its campus, despite having a history of alienating basically everyone who isn’t a white, cis, upper middle class gay man.

While only one comment - sharing the poster’s amusement - is visible in the photo, there were at least two other comments left on it which were quickly deleted.

The first person whose comment was deleted found this photo amusing, but pointed out that he could see how someone might be offended by it.

The second person’s comment was clearly sarcastic and said: “because racism is funny.”

Instead of dealing with yet another example of his racism (among other isms), Josh decided to avoid taking responsibility for his racist post all together and delete both comments.

If you notice, there are 6 “likes” - all of which appear to be other white people.

Racism in queer “safe spaces” is all too common, but some examples are a bit more obvious than others. This is one of them.


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